Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Obama Failure and Socialism Obama Policy Directly Responsible For Terror Against America

We, at the Obama Failure and Socialism blog, have believed, even before starting this blog, that Barry Soetoro AKA Buttcrack Insane I'bombya opened the doors to his muslim brothers to wage war against peaceful, freedom loving, capitalist Americans.

From the day he was elected, then subsequently announced the closing of Gitmo, to the appointment of the left wing socialist Janet Napolitano and changing the War on Terror to a Man Made Disaster, we have felt and said, Obama is waging war on Americans and he's using his muslim brothers to do it for him while he wages war from the inside.

To further our beliefs, below is a reprint of an email that we received from Dick Morris just today. Chilling that a typical, freedom loving American like myself can understand what's going on, then have a compelling national figure such as Dick Morris echo those facts.


Published on DickMorris.com on January 5, 2010

Rev. Jeremiah Wright said that the "chickens came home to roost" on 9-11.

He was wrong.

But they have now, indeed, come home to roost as we witness the results of the unilateral disarmament President Obama has practiced in the war on terror.

Beset once more by terrorism on our soil and in our airspace, we find ourselves suddenly overmatched by those who the Bush Administration kept away from our shores for seven years.

This new onset of terrorism is not the product of any change in the international environment or some new "systemic" flaw in our intelligence operations.

It is due to the policy of President Obama in letting down our guard and inhibiting those charged with our protection.

Under Obama, the hunters have become the hunted as America inverted her priorities.

Those who have been working to keep us safe have, themselves, come under scrutiny for profiling, harsh interrogation techniques, and a failure to give terrorists constitutional rights they don't have.

The result is predictable: Timidity and caution have become the order of the day in our intelligence community. In a world where hunch, guesswork, and a willingness to leap to conclusions by imagining the worst are vital to success, a cover your butt mentality has taken over.

If you come to the wrong conclusion, if you profile without adequate justification, if you accuse incorrectly, you are finished.

Your career and your pension will be gone.

Guess right and you are accorded anonymity.

Guess wrong and you're through.

The failure of the intelligence operatives to pass along the information about the Ft. Hood shooter or the airline bomber did not flow from a blind spot or a lack of co-ordination, they stemmed from terrorism of a different sort -- the terror of making a mistake and falling on the harsh mercies of Eric Holder.

Now Nigerian terrorist Umar Farouk Abdulmutall sits, lawyered up, in a federal prison. His interrogation will proceed, if at all, under the watchful eye of his counsel.

He will not finger other operatives nor warn us of other impending attacks.

He will receive the full panoply of constitutional rights, none of which he is entitled to.

Barack Obama does not seem to understand that these terrorists come here to use our laws and our system, not to protect us, not even to shelter themselves, but to destroy us.

Abdulmutall should be interrogated by the military, without benefit of counsel. The evidence we obtain should not be admissible in a court of law nor used as the basis for his sentencing. But it must be used to ward off future threats and attacks. But Obama is a true believer.

His persistence in downgrading the war on terror to a criminal investigation will continue. And we will experience more and more attacks.

Because pessimism is the bodyguard of liberalism, he will explain to us that the world has become more threatening and that he is doing all he can to keep us safe.

But the truth will be that it will have been his policies and priorities that are leaving us exposed.

And the attacks will continue.

In closing, Barry Obama, intends to destroy the United States of America as we know it. His agenda is to weaken our resolve and to pass laws BEHIND CLOSED DOORS that will take away our freedoms and he will use the muslim terrorists to do it.

He's on TV right now, LYING LIKE HE ALWAYS DOES. He doesn't care about America, Americans or the safety of Americans.

Mark the words of the Obama Failure And Socialism Blog

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