Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Obama Failure and Socialism 95% Of Jews Voted For Obama (Aaaak) Here's one Jew That Didn't

If you are Jew and you voted for Obama maybe Hitlers ovens missed their mark. If not Listen to JACKIE MASON on OBAMAS HATRED FOR JEWS and REMEMBER.

Here me now, you Jews. 70 years ago you elected a Jew hater, Adolf Hitler. What did he do. Kill 6 Million of you. I have no family and heirs because they died freeing you in WWII. And yet, 95% of you voted for this Nigger Socialist, Hitler abomination called Obama.

Maybe we shouldn't have freed you in 1945.

Think the next time you vote. Niggers hate you as much as Hitler. I don't. My family bloodline died for you. Return the favor. Help impeach the Nigger Hitler.

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