Sunday, January 3, 2010

Obama Failure and Socialism and His Audacity of Deceipt

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What lies beneath Barack Obama's well-polished rhetoric will shock you. Obama touts 'change' but his version is nothing less than a frontal assault on American values and traditions.

Obama's goal? Bring America to her knees through a policy of 'managed decline.'

On his watch, our great nation will become a second-rate country on a downhill slide.

In The Audacity of Deceit, Brad O'Leary takes you deep inside Obama's plans to dismantle the Second Amendment and destroy our economy while putting us in thrall to the United Nations and laying waste to all that millions of Americans hold dear.

You'll learn:.

How Obama's fatherless childhood mirrors that of Bill Clinton's and fuels his obsession with fame and power at any cost

How his tax plan would raise rates to a Hoover-like 60% and eviscerate America's economy

How the U.S. Treasury will become the United Nations' ATM

Why Obama wants to keep fuel prices high and Americans immobilized.

The '0 to 5' initiative designed to transfer child-rearing from parents to the state.

Here are the ugly facts about Barack Obama.

From the Publisher

In the shocking political expose The Audacity of Deceit, you'll learn about Barack Obama's plans to "change" our country and your life by...

· Raising taxes from the low rate of 28% under Ronald Reagan to economy-destroying 60% rate under Herbert Hoover.

· Handing out Federal medical insurance to more than 12 million aliens, and increasing emergency room costs by $15.4 billion annually.

· Appointing ultra-liberal, anti-business Supreme Court judges who would reverse the ruling that bans partial birth abortion, and the ruling that confirms the Second Amendment is an individual right.

· Would take 25% of farmland out of production to satisfy environmental lobbyists, causing increased food costs and worldwide food shortages.

· Implementing a "zero to five" program designed to transfer infant and child raising responsibilities for children under five from parents to the federal government.

· Establishing a government agency to approve what types of medical procedures and operations senior citizens are permitted to have.

· Increasing the liberal majority in Congress by allowing felons to vote.

· Waging a trade war that would eliminate 10 million American jobs and re-establish the tariff system implemented by Herbert Hoover.

As a state senator, Obama...

· Supported withholding emergency medical aid for babies who survive an abortion.

Barack Obama may be desperately tacking towards the middle in order to attract voters, but as The Audacity of Deceit proves, his real beliefs are not those of the majority of Americans.

Thie important message about the terror of Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Obama and the terrorism he wants to unleash on Americans and the American Way of Life is provided by the OBAMA FAILURE AND SOCIALISM Blog.

Wake Up America before you Wake Up one day and find there is no AMERICA

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