Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama Failure and Socialism | TYRANNICAL OBAMA MUST BE REMOVED!

Obama Executive Branch Openly Denigrates the Constitution, Defies We the People, Defies the Judicial and Congressional Branches, Refuses to Halt March To Marxism!

As recently argued in the 9th Circuit Federal Court of Appeals, America is navigating uncharted waters in the Obama assault upon our Constitution and ordered liberty! We have no historical or legal precedent for the audacious denigration we are suffering upon our lawful institutions of responsible self-government by the Obama regime.


It is simply a fact that NO controlling legal authority has made a determination in these vital matters. If in the first instance Obama was never eligible under the Constitution to serve as president, then he sits in the Oval Office unlawfully and must be removed either by the Courts or by Congress. Further, if found ineligible, Obama has then never been a lawful president and full impeachment proceedings would cease to apply; he would thereby be compelled to resign or be removed from office as a usurper.

Unless Congress begins formal investigation proceedings NOW, Obama may never be properly vetted and determined to be Constitutionally qualified or not to hold office. He is actively and aggressively running for re-election – and the lawfulness of his first term could become a pale historical question against the Constitutional damage wrought by toleration of a second unlawful term.

As Gary Kreep of the U.S. Justice Foundation just argued before the federal Appellate Justices, "Nobody is willing to take on this issue…" even though "John McCain was the subject of Congressional deliberation and analysis on whether he was eligible – and a ruling was issued. Why McCain and not Obama?"


Obama attacks Libya without consulting Congress – Obama Administration surrenders sovereign US war-making to foreign powers and international authorities
ObamaCare ruled unconstitutional and ordered to halt by Federal Court –Obama Administration states it will implement regardless of Federal Courts
Congress determines Cap & Trade unconstitutional and refuses to pass – Obama Administration orders EPA to enact provisions regardless of Congress
Oil Drilling Moratorium declared unconstitutional, ban lifted by Federal Court – Obama Administration continues to prevent drilling regardless of Federal Courts
Defense of Marriage Act overwhelmingly passed by the 104th Congress and signed into law by former President Bill Clinton – Obama Administration announces unilaterally its Department of Justice it will no longer enforce the law
Arizona SB 1070 Immigration Enforcement Act overwhelmingly passed by AZ Legislature –Obama Justice Department brings unconstitutional lawsuit against Arizona state
LTC Terrance Lakin, US Army seeks confirmation of lawful orders from CinC, is court martialed, sentenced to Leavenworth Prison – Obama and DOJ stonewall all proof of presidential eligibility under U.S. Constitution


It is now clear the Obama Administration is actively working to overthrow the Constitutional protections granted by our Founding Fathers through the separation of powers. There can be no denying this Administration is in complete contempt of the U.S. Constitution, and in active defiance of the expressed Will of the People, and the Judicial and Congressional branches of the government – in effect replacing the Rule of Law with the seedbed of tyranny.

Cleon Skousen, in his book The 5,000 Year Leap, lays out a vivid explanation of the separation and balance of powers, illustrated with a three headed eagle.

Central head = the law-making or legislative function with two eyes – the House and the Senate – and these must both see reasonably eye-to-eye on any piece of legislation before it can become law.
Left head = the Administrative or Executive Department with all authority centered in a single strong President, operating within a clearly defined framework of limited power.
Right head = the Judiciary which was assigned the task of acting as an objective guardian of the Constitution and an interpreter of its principles as originally designed by the Founders.

Left Wing = the problem-solving wing attached to the Executive; sensitive to the perceived needs of the people, whose appointees devise elaborate plans to solve these problems.
Right wing = attached to the Congress; has the responsibility of conserving the nation's resources and the people's freedom. One function is to assess the proposed programs of the left wing to determine propriety, affordability and the effect upon freedom these proposals might have.
The genius, according to Skousen, of the American system is not only the separation of powers but the fact that all three branches operate through a central system. The Founders carefully integrated these three departments so that each was coordinated with the others and could not function independently: crafting "Coordination without Consolidation." Balance is essential, for if both wings fulfill their assigned duties the American eagle will fly straight and high. However, if either wing becomes overbearing or distorted, the American eagle of governance will drift toward anarchy or tyranny.


Unfortunately, through its repeated lawlessness and anti-republicanism, the Obama Administration has willfully desecrated the Constitutional balance established by our Forefathers. This defiance of the Rule of Law has withered the system of checks and balances and established a despotic Executive branch. The "imperial" presidency with its "czars" and unaccountable bureaucracy is so powerful that neither Congress nor the Judiciary seems able to stop our inevitable slide into Socialism, or even a full dictatorship. Today, the Left wing and Executive branch completely dwarf the other departments that were intended to hold presidential power balanced and in check.

If we are to stop the relentless march to Marxism and a complete dictatorship headed by Obama and his Leftist revolutionaries, CONGRESS MUST IMPEACH NOW! We cannot afford to give Obama even one more day to further illicitly consolidate power. WE MUST ACT NOW!




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Obama Failure and Socialism | Obama, Illegal Aliens and Jobs

You may have noticed that President Obama, against the votes of Congress, is giving amnesty to at least 300,000 illegal aliens who were about to be deported. His claim is that since they have not violated any of our laws, they should be allowed to stay.

Poor Barack, he must have been a terrible teacher, he knows so little.

Every illegal alien uses stolen or phony ID’s, a felony. Every illegal alien lies on school enrollment forms or job applications—again, a felony. They drive without a license, a violation of the law. They drive without insurance, a violation of the law.

Read the entire story on how inept and corrupt Barry Soetoro is by allowing illegal immigrants rights in this country to grow his voter base at Conservative Action Alerts

This news item on the usurper Barry Soetoro is brought to you by the Obama Failure and Socialism

Obama Failure and Socialism | Welfarism: Your Tax Dollars Paying For Flat Screen TVs

Did you know that your tax dollars are paying for someone else to have an Xbox?

That’s because poverty in America is not what any other country would consider poverty. In America, poverty simply means wanting something you don’t have and don’t feel like working for. People in America expect far more than they are willing to work for, and we are the ones paying for them.

Read the entire story of waste of your taxpayer money by the lazy, uneducated losers on welfare at Conservative Action Alerts

This news of waste by Obama Buttcrack Osamas continued waste of your money other than on million dollar vacations is brought to you by the Obama Failure and Socialism blog

Obama Failure And Socialism | Pro-Illegal Immigration Activists Arrested in California

At least six immigrant rights activists were arrested inside the Edward R. Roybal federal building in downtown Los Angeles this week after they entered the building and refused to leave, officials said.

The protesters, some of whom said they were undocumented students, were demanding an end to the Secure Communities immigration enforcement program, organizers said.

Read the entire story at Conservative Action Alerts

News brought to you by the Obama Failure and Socialism blog

Obama Failure and Socialism | Tell Congress To Stop Obamas Illegals and Support H.R.2497

URGENT CALL TO SUPPORT Rep. Smith’s bill -H.R. 2497

Tell Congress to support the H. A. L. T. Act

Dear Friend and Patriot,

Bowing to pressure from the illegal alien lobby, and their mouthpieces in Congress, Barack Obama has halted deportations of criminal illegal aliens who qualify for "special exceptions".

These include exceptions for a pregnant illegal alien and her spouse, having an underage minor in the house, claiming responsibility for the care of a family member, or if even one member of the family is a citizen. There are nineteen exceptions designed by the Obama Administration to end the threat of deportation for 80 to 90 percent of the 20 million illegal aliens living in the United States.

All American need your immediate help to stop this dangerous, politically motivated, policy.

Representative Lamar Smith of Texas has introduced H.R. 2497, also known as the "H.A.L.T. Act," to prohibit Barack Hussein Obama from arbitrarily stopping deportations of criminal aliens. H.A.L.T. stands for "Hinder the Administration's Legalization Temptation" Act.

It is imperative that we DEMAND that Congress pass Representative Smith's H.A.L.T. Act in order to stop this madness.

Representative Smith has enough support to get H.R. 2497 reported out of the Judiciary Committee and brought to a vote before the full Congress.

Now all Americans must concentrate on passage by the House of Representatives.

One of the few things that the federal government has been doing right about illegal immigration, is a program, started in 2008, called the "Secure Communities Program". This program calls for local police to submit fingerprints of arrested suspects to the Department of Homeland Security, so that they can be cross-checked with the fingerprints of individuals subject to deportation orders. It has resulted in the deportation of over 900,000 criminal illegal aliens in the last three years.

But, the illegal alien lobby despises the "Secure Communities Program," and has demanded an end to it. On August 15th, in Los Angeles, a large demonstration of illegal aliens holding signs reading "LEGALIZACIÓN SÍ, DEPORTACION NO, called on Mr. Obama to end the program.

Three days later, Barack Obama gutted the "Secure Communities Program," he announced a halt to deportations of hundreds of thousands of illegal alien criminals.

Mr. Obama's new policy will allow millions of criminal aliens to remain in the United States without fear of prosecution. This is his down payment on amnesty and legalization to the powerful illegal alien lobby, which he expects will deliver Hispanic votes for his campaign for re-election next year.

Have we become so apathetic that we provide politicians with better salaries, better benefits, better retirements, and a better lifestyle than most Americans, while they laugh and spit on our rights and on the U. S. Constitution?

Can our country survive a man in the Oval Office who refuses to enforce the law?

What are we paying our taxes for, if this is the kind of government that we get in return?

How did it happen that millions of foreigners, living here illegally, can flaunt U.S. laws, and not only get away with it, but receive special benefits courtesy of the American taxpayer.

Welfare, food stamps, free medical care, special discounts on college tuition--how can we afford all of this when our country is going bankrupt?

The open embrace of mass illegality by American politicians is disgraceful, and a flagrant violation of their oath of office to uphold the U. S. Constitution, and we need to hold them accountable.

Representative Peter T. King of New York, chairman of the Homeland Security Committee
in the House, said that Mr. Obama was making "a blatant attempt to grant amnesty to
potentially millions of illegal aliens in this country," which he called "totally unacceptable."

Representative Smith said that Barack Obama's move was part of a White House plan "to grant back door amnesty to illegal immigrants."

Now we know what Barack Hussein Obama meant when he promised to "fundamentally transform" America. Turning 20 million illegal aliens into voting U.S. citizens is his ultimate goal, and this would certainly "fundamentally transform" America.

Even as the left-wing New York Times celebrated Mr. Obama's contempt for enforcing U.S. laws against illegal immigration, they said that his new policy could lead to the suspension of deportation proceedings against tens of thousands of illegal aliens in the coming months.

The American people have lost patience with politicians who act against the best interests of the United States.

Barack Obama's scheme is a naked play for Hispanic votes in the November 2012 Presidential election. For the sake of our country, we must stop Mr. Obama's march toward legalization and amnesty for illegal aliens.

That's why it is so vital to flood Congress with faxes of support for the Smith bill. The Obama Administration is trying to get away with rule by executive decree-ignoring the Rule of Law.

Twenty million illegal aliens are living within our borders. The vast majority of them are poorly skilled individuals. The Heritage Foundation estimates that poorly skilled individuals receive $3 in government services for every $1 that they pay in taxes--that is if they pay taxes at all.

Our schools, our hospitals, and our prisons are overcrowded because of the unplanned for influx of millions of illegal aliens.

Parks and highways and public facilities--like post offices and motor vehicle departments--are overcrowded for the same reason.

Our Social Security system is under attack from illegal aliens. Over 8 million fake Social Security numbers have been given to employers by illegal aliens seeking employment.

Immigrants are traditionally allowed to bring relatives to the United States to "re-unite families". If Barack Hussein Obama gets his way, and illegal aliens are allowed to become citizens, millions now living in Mexico, Central America, and other parts of the world will come to the United States, and add 100 million to 200 million new "citizens" to our population in the next 20 years. These new "immigrants" could comprise as much as one-third of the U.S. population.

Congress has the power to throw out Barack Obama's suicidal policies. Passage of Congressman. Smith's emergency legislation will do just that.

The greatness and the character of our country should not be sacrificed just so the Democrats can win another election. Please, for the sake of our country, take action today to stop Obama's desperate effort to hang onto to power for four more years.

May God Bless You & May God Bless America

Support The:
Republican Majority Campaign
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800-362-2723 Webmaster @ RMCPAC.Com

Follow this link and send your faxes and stop Obama now!

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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Obama Failure and Socialism | Two Years Of Obama Destroyed Our AAA Credit Rating

The 100 Year AAA Credit Rating Of The United States Of America - Ruined By Barry Soetoro Obama
The AAA Credit Rating Of The United States Of America Has Survived:

World War 1
The Great Flue Epidemic
Warren G. Harding
The 1929 Stockmarket Crash
The Great Depression
World War II
The Atomic Bomb
The Korean War
The Viet Nam War
The Kennedy Assasination
Jimmy Carter
Only 2 Years Of Obama

This message of truth brought to you by the Obama Failure and Socialism Blog

Obama Failure and Socialism | Two Years Of Obama Destroyed Our AAA Credit Rating