Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Obama Failure and Socialism Now Turning In Your Neighbors

Obama Failure and Socialism Now Advocates Turning In Your Neighbors.

Spying on your neighbors.

Stalin advocated turning in your neighbors...Jews, Christians, anti communists and anti socialists, then killing them or deporting them to a soviet labor camp.

Lenin advocated turning in your neighbors...Jews, Christians, anti communists and anti socialist and killed them or sent them of to a soviet gulag.

Saddam Hussein (any similarities here?), Mohammar Khadafi and numerous tyrant, thug Islamic leaders have advocated turning in your neighbors...then killed them or incarcerated them.

Numerous Socialist tyrants such as Benito Mussolini advocated turning in your neighbors, then killing them or incarcerating them.

Turning in your neighbors has been advocated by all bad, tyrannical, murderous and power hungry leaders since the beginning of recorded time.

Romans, Spartans, Egyptians, Byzantines, Mongols, Chinese...Whole ancient empires were built on turning in your neighbors and either killing them or enslaving them.

Louis VII, Napolean Bonapart, Henry VIII and the Tudors all advocated turning in your neighbors and spying on your neighbors.

What liberal, communist, socialist left wing democrats don't get is that ALL Leaders in a time of WAR advocate spying on your neighbors and turning in your neighbors.

In the definitive guideline to winning at warfare, THE ART OF WAR written by SUN TZU in the 6th Century B.C., in China, that:

"So it is said that if you know your enemies and know yourself, you can win a thousand battles without a single loss.

If you only know yourself, but not your opponent, you may win or may lose.

If you know neither yourself nor your enemy, you will always endanger yourself."

All of our leaders have used this method in a time of war. Eisenhower (WWII), FDR (WWII), Wilson (WWI), MacAurthur (WWII), Kennedy (Cuba, Vietnam, The First Brink of Nuclear War), LBJ (Vietnam, The Second Brink of Nuclear War), Washington (Revolutionary War...You know, the War for the establishment of our Republic), Grant-Lee-Lincoln (The Civil War...You Know, The war to free the slaves that are now destroying our country), Nixon (Vietnam) and so on it goes.

Most recently, the Patriot Act, enacted by George W. Bush, in order to keep America safe from Muslim, Islamic terrorists that want to kill American citizens. You have a problem with that?

By advocating turning in your neighbors and spying on your neighbors, Barry Soetoro AKA Barack Hussain (any similarities here?) Obama has in effect, declared WAR ON AMERICANS.

You heard it. Turning in your neighbors and spying on your neighbors is an ACT OF WAR, brought on by Barry Soetoro against all AMERICANS.

From the 6th Century B.C. tome on how to win war to Barry Soetoro using the basis of spying on your neighbors to WAGE WAR ON AMERICA.

You've spent Trillions of dollars without reading the bill or justifying the spending, but you want us to turn in our neighbors for questioning your HEALTH CARE PLAN

You won't prove your right to be the President of the United States by simply producing an Authorized Birth Certificate. You've allowed a US Soldier to not serve in a war zone because you won't produce this birth certificate, but you call for spying on our neighbors because we question your HEALTH CARE PLAN

You've enlisted the DNC to lie in the media about organized and manufactured disenters to your HEALTH CARE PLAN and if you know of someone who disagrees with your socialist ideas that we need to tell our parents that they will just have to die or suffer the pain to TURN THEM IN.

(This probably explains the death of Toot...Did you have a part?)


You've said you were a socialist by your actions. Your supporters say that you are a socialist. Your mentors are socialists, domestic terrorists or haters of America.

You've expressed your hatred of Whites and the White Race in your book.

How you got elected...only the fools that voted for you know. Spying on your neighbor and turning in your neighbor is only acceptable in the defense of our country, not in the defense of a questionable administration.

Only a Socialist, Communist, Tyrant, Nazi or Islamic fundamentalist would do that.

Hitler had his people spying on their neighbors and turning in Their neighbors. Those people that were spied on and turned in were burnt to death, gassed to death and their bodies were dismembered to make war goods such as wax and petroleum. And, yes they were Jews...Not Muslims.

Obama Failure and Socialism...Turning in your neighbors and spying on your neighbors. Welcome to 1930's Germany. Only in America

White House Obama

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