Thursday, August 25, 2011

Obama Failure and Socialism | Obama, Illegal Aliens and Jobs

You may have noticed that President Obama, against the votes of Congress, is giving amnesty to at least 300,000 illegal aliens who were about to be deported. His claim is that since they have not violated any of our laws, they should be allowed to stay.

Poor Barack, he must have been a terrible teacher, he knows so little.

Every illegal alien uses stolen or phony ID’s, a felony. Every illegal alien lies on school enrollment forms or job applications—again, a felony. They drive without a license, a violation of the law. They drive without insurance, a violation of the law.

Read the entire story on how inept and corrupt Barry Soetoro is by allowing illegal immigrants rights in this country to grow his voter base at Conservative Action Alerts

This news item on the usurper Barry Soetoro is brought to you by the Obama Failure and Socialism

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