Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Obama Failure and Socialism | Barry Poppins IQ Test

The Barry Poppins IQ Test
You are walking along holding an umbrella for your wife. You approach a gate with an bstruction above the gate, made of steel.

Choose one.

1. You should lower the umbrella, close it, pass the umbrella through the gate and open it up again on the other side.

2. Leave the umbrella open, and toss it over the top of the obstruction, and continue on the other side...

3. Continue to hold the umbrella in the same position because a metal solid will pass through another metal solid unobstructed.

4. Give the umbrella to a Secret Service bodyguard and procure another umbrella on the other side of the gate, because the one you are holding is woefully insufficient to cover your wife's huge ass.

5. You should resign because you are too dumb to hold public office.

Barry Poppins. More Like Moron.

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  1. Look another pic of not 1 but 2 idiots.