Saturday, April 3, 2010

Obama Failure and Socialism | Had Enough Of The Socialist Harry Reid Yet?

EMERGENCY - Have You Had ENOUGH Reid Yet?

ALERT: Senator Harry Reid is the Senate Majority Leader and is the Democrat's chief legislative strategist for the socialist agenda of expanding big government, raising your taxes and forcing America permanently to the extreme left.

Did you know that since Obama was elected President in 2009 Reid used his position in the Senate to:

Pass a bill putting government in charge of your doctor

Impose high taxes and insane regulations on our economy in the name of 'saving the environment'

Pass an $800 billion stimulus package which has hindered our economy and led to high unemployment and government waste

Confirm one of the most radical left wing judges in the country to the Supreme Court

Allow astronomical deficit spending to pay for these programs, expanding our national debt which your kids and grandkids will one day have to pay for.

President Reagan used to say, Ya Basta? Had Enough??

Have you had ENOUGH yet?

A Reid agenda In The Senate Session For 2010 Can Only Get Worse.

Here is a sneak preview of what Reid has in store as being part of his Socialist agenda.

Raising taxes, including a Value Added Tax, a hidden national sales tax, that most Americans will not even realize they are paying

More government stimulus programs, to increase the size of government and their control over the private and productive sector of the American economy

The confirmation of more radical left wing judges.

Reid's goal is to quickly Europenize America, to turn us into a European style socialist welfare state.He needs to do it quickly as he knows most Americans reject his ideas. But he believes that if he gets the bills passed and the taxes and agencies established before the November 2010 elections, it will be too late to turn back his efforts.

We Americans must stop Harry Reid and his agenda now. And we Americans must defeat him in his reelection bid this year.

Will you help do it? Are you with us fellow Americans?

We Americans must take the message, the truth about his policies and their impact to the voters in Nevada and the rest of America. Create a storm of public opinion that will slow Reid down and then defeat him.

Here Is The Political Impact Of Defeating Harry Reid.

Harry Reid is the leader for the liberal agenda in the Senate. His defeat would cause other liberals to have second thoughts about their political future. They would see that leading their agenda comes with a heavy political price - electoral defeat. It would serve as a lesson and a deterrent. It would set back their agenda far more than the loss of just one Senator.

Harry Reid has had a very liberal voting record for years, but as leader, it has come to the public's attention more now than ever. We Americans must intend to wrap that record around his neck like a piece of jewelry, so he can't escape, evade or explain it, so that it becomes an anchor that drags him down to defeat.

Now, we Americans know some of you Americans are probably saying, well, Reid is in Nevada, and I don't vote there, and he is their problem. I can't do anything about him.

Well as leader of the Majority party in the Senate and the one responsible for moving their agenda, Reid has an impact on every single American. Every one of you will pay more taxes, have your health care ruined, have your jobs put in jeopardy if Reid is allowed to continue pushing his liberal agenda.

TAKE ACTION: The November 2010 elections are national not just local. Republican Scott Brown's election in MA changed the entire balance of power in the Senate. So Obama, Reid, Pelosi and the Democrat majority used bribes, lies, tricks, threats and the new national policy of mass political destruction to pollute America with the foul stench of Obama's brand of political change. Obama you can keep that change we do not want it.

After Scott Brown's election many people said they wished they could have voted for him but they did not live in MA.

So what can we Americans do? It's really very simple. We Americans replace those big government politicians!

How do we do it?

By supporting conservative Republican candidates on a national scale with the support they need from Americans like you. You can vote in every state and every election by helping Conservative PAC organizations like AmeriPAC and send support where it is needed

A Conservative PAC organization's national effort to stop the destructive power grabs of ObamaCare must now be directed at the November elections.

You Americans sent millions of faxes to Congress and they refused to listen.


We need you Americans, every one of you, to donate regularly every week or month with the same commitment to candidates that are listening and help your chosen Conservative PAC Organization give the maximum support we can to every candidate that will pledge to take back America.

This is a fight for the very heart of America. We Americans can WIN this fight by keeping the Democrats from getting the votes they need to pass their socialist agenda... but we Americans can't do it without YOUR help!

BE ENCOURAGED -- remember that the majority of the American people are WITH US, here at the Obama Failure and Socialism Blog. With every passing day, more and more citizens -- left AND right -- are expressing their opposition and outrage at Obama and Reid. -- WE AMERICANS CAN'T GIVE UP NOW!

We CANNOT let the radical liberals in Congress -- and the White House -- force their extreme leftwing liberal plan on the American people! That's why all Americans must run or join a campaign to Retire Reid

This fight CAN BE WON! Please, take action right away to Retire Reid NOW!

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