Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Pay Attention Obama Americans Don't Like Socialism | The Tea Party Is Growing

Obama and Socialism Americans Fight Back at Tea Parties Across The Country

My Neighbor Bought A Big House and all I got was his Lousy Payments....
Thanks Barney, Hussain, Nancy and Cris...

HONK!!! If I'm Paying Your Mortgage...And, If you Voted For Obama Bin Ladin, I'm Probably Paying Your Mortgage...Loosers! Isn't Hussain Bin Ladin Enough of a Looser?

No Comment. This College Student Will Never Be Prosperous Thanks To Your Ignorance...The Only Saving Grace Is That Your Two Daughters Will Be Faced With Poverty Because Of Your Ignorant, Self Serving Decisions...Socialist Scumbag...Screwing Your Own Daughters... But, Then You Are a Black Man, and When Has A Black Man Ever Stood Up For The Family He Sires?
Typical Black, Lazy Socialist Scumbag

No Explaination Necessary...

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